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We also make battery intercooler Tanks to go where your battery box is. We can also insulate a tank inside of a tank. We use 1/2" and 1" insulation. We Will use any size fittings you choose 1/2" up to 1 1/2" NPT Fittings.We also can put AN fittings in the tank. We use 4",6",8" 1/4 turn Caps Whatever size you want on your tank.We make Tanks for Racing,Corvette,Talons,Mercedes Benz,Mustangs,Chevy Silverado,Crossfires,Tuners,Motorcycles,You name it we will Make it for your Turbo.We also build tanks with Transmission coolers in them.
If you need one for a Tractor or Truck,let us know
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We make half round Intercooler tanks For you trunk.F or any where you might want to mount one,all different sizes and shapes.If we build your custom tank it will be 2 weeks before shipped. Then Actual shipping with delivery confrimation will be added to total. We will stay in touch from begining to end of process We also accept paypal on all orders.

A Few of our Products

TIP: A quick way to figure gallons in a tank Width by Length by Height = ? divide by 231 = gallons in tank


Here are a few of different Ideas for your Tank

Combo Intercooler and engine


Battery Replacement Intercooler Tank

Battery Intercooler Water Tank 9 1/2" Wide by 6 1/2" Deep by 7 1/2" Tall at the bottom of the tank it has tabs that make the overall bottom 7" It has a 4" cap



Custom Intercooler Tank


2.5 gallon Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell
This is one style of Fuel cell we offer,But we can make you one any way you want,Just let us know and we will get you a price


This is one style of combo unit with Intercooler Tank and Fuel Cell

Catch Cans

Catch Cans
We also make Catch Cans any size or shape

Combo Tank

Combo Tanks
We do all size of combo units

Truck and Tractor Pulling Tanks

We can make large tanks for Truck pulling and Tractor pulling

Tanks with transmission coolers

Tanks with Transmission collers
We can add a transmission cooler to your tank

Firewall flanges

Firewall Flanges
We can make any size firewall flange

Transmission coolers in the tank

Transmission cooler intank
We can put a B&M transmission cooler in your tank,We also make them with Trans coolers and Pumps in the same tank

Highest Quality



All of our Custom Aluminum Intercooler Tanks, Fuel Cells and water tanks are 100% Tig Welded mill finished 6061 .100 aluminum. Lets us build your tank and YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT THE GREAT PRICES AND THE QUALITY SERVICE! Here is a link to other tanks we have : Pictures of water tanks, intercooler tanks, custom intercooler tanks and much more!